SUnday Mornings

Walking into church for the first time can be intimidating, up there with going to the dentist.

However, this place is not scary.
It's refreshingly warm and welcoming, unpretentious and inter-generational, informal and yet reverent.

Our services usually include stories, music that moves you, and
teaching from the Bible that is understandable, relatable and applicable.

We accept everyone, right where they are.
And yet expect everyone to heal and grow,
 knowing God is not done with any of us yet.

You don't have to live on Fox Island,
dress, believe or live a certain way,
or know anything about church at all to join us;
we have open doors and something for everyone.


9:15AM | Life Together | Main (2nd) floor

10:30AM | Worship Service | Main (2nd) floor

Nursery thru 5th grade | Downstairs (1st) floor