The general fund is our bread-and-butter fund, from which we draw all operational costs. From this fund, we support our missionary partners, put on youth events, and stage community outreaches. We buy children's curriculum, send out teams on missions trips, grow our leaders through continuing education, and bless our volunteers. This fund allows us to both meet within our building, and reach out beyond our walls. 



This fund exists to meet practical needs of those who need temporary financial assistance due to difficult circumstances. Any money given to this fund will be distributed as needs arise.



Did you know our family of churches, the Christian & Missionary Alliance gives more cents per dollar to missions than any other denomination in America? And unlike other organizations, the Christian and Missionary Alliance does not require its missionaries to raise their own support. Instead, missionaries and their ministries are financed through giving to Alliance Missions. For over 125 years this has allowed Alliance international workers to shine the light of Jesus in the hardest to reach places in the world. Half of all given to this account goes to support Alliance workers sent out from the US, and the other half supports the development of local leaders trained through our partnership in Southeast China.